Everything will unfold itself as its supposed to.

Be patient and trust the process. Trust, that something so much bigger than you and your little head.

Dont force – flow.

Let go of every idea of how it should look Like, of how long it should take, even of any possible outcome.

Re- connect to your own being and the no -agenda mind. Everything is Right now.

Be your Dream. Be you. Be present. Be a human being instead of a human doing.

It is time to focus on the being in your actions instead of the action itself. Of the purpose instead of the goal. Of the intention instead of the outcome.

Be aware that life might become much slower but also much more rich in magic and adventures – inner as well as outer.

Dont search more in the outer World, there is nothing there that you Can’t achieve more efficiently by attracting it from your inside.

Stop your horisontal chase and start looking within, explore the depths and heights of the vertical being.

You Will see that you dont need so much from the outside as everything is inside yourself and Will manifest in the fisical World when u need it and more importantly when you know how to be it