In transition

From Mama India to my Northern center

Am back in Denmark after a truly wonderful 7 weeks retreat in Varkala, Sout India. My body is in Denmark, my soul in India and the rest in that strange state of being in between worlds, lifes, dimensions - in transition.

Being a mutable soul, with a life path of multi creative, cultural and dimensional living, I am somewhat very familiar with the transitional state and yet I find it a mystery with deeper layers, than I might be capable of perceiving fully in this moment. Almost like a portal, that, as the days are passing on, is slowly closing, that is, if I dont stay fully aware of its potential. The potential of keeping my new indian state of being in this northern fisical reality. The potential of being in India inside, while my body interacts in this so - called, danish piece of land.

When I went to India, I brought a million books, notebooks, computer ect., thinking that my stay apart from the daily yoga training, would surely be about studying, practising and getting amazing insights. After a couple of weeks, I had to give up on that idea, as I slowly sank in to the longsome and heartfelt south indian lifestyle, that left no space for any of that. No studying, no groundbreaking insights and most important no thoughts!! As I didnt think much, I did not think more about that either.

Now back in the northern hemisphere, where thinking is almost in the 'air', it is clear to me, that something groundbreaking did happen, very silently, very subtle, but very deep. A change took place as thoughts and seeking, were replaced by a wonderful peace of mind and a heartfelt compassion for my fellow earth beings. A deep urge to help where I can and to give and facilitate love whereever I go, has rised in me and I realise that this is my natural state of being.

I am also realizing that this super efficient, rapidly moving and goal oriented society, is the biggest threat to this state, as it leaves simply no room for reconnecting to our center. The tempo of the heart is so much slower, than that of the mind and when we dont give the suficient time for our heart, it automatically shots down.

The power of love and compassion is truly what we need in this world, but, because we have gone so far away in our ever lasting thrive for succes, it requieres much presence every day to keep yourself in this natural compassionate state. I will certainly do my best to stay closely connected to my heart, cause I feel this is the place, I was always seeking, the link that was always missing and I truly beleive it is for everybody. Our true home. Right here in the heart🙏🏻❤️