Surrender to the life that is always unfolding around you
Just waiting for you to accept
Surrender to the love that was and will always be
Right in the consciousness of your presence

it is not all up to you
There is help everywhere
let go and allow
And you will see that everything was always written anyway
Always unfolding, only blocked by your stubborn unwillingness to see
Too see that you are only the passive part of the cosmic dance of life
Even trying, you will never succeed to lead
On the contrary that will make you suffer
Being the main cause of stress, illness, imbalance in every form

You have to learn to follow, to dance with life
To flow with the rhythm
To go with the energy
Sometimes you need to take a step back
Sometimes you need to pause
Don't panic

Surrender and wait in faith for your next step to come
When the time is right
Remember everything will pass
And there is no such thing as stillness without movement
or nothingness without everything included
Wrong and right does only exist in the dynamic exclusion of each other

When we surrender everything simply just is
Life is build on paradoxes and only through them, can we understand the cosmos

That numb feeling you call nothing is only a result of your habit of limited perception
It is also something
and depending on how deep you dive into it
It reveals more and more of itself
It 'becomes' more and more
Just like that, is it with life
You can continue to force the dance and let it be only a result of your limited mind
Or you can surrender to the unknown and let the dance be magical
It is your choice and by that choice your life will flow
Or rigid and limited or smoothly and magical

Surrender and let life lead you beyond everything you ever expected

Dance beyond the limit of your own imagination

A life beyond or behind the veil
That's the question?